Web Standards Translations Launched

Gruden has been involved in the web standards community since the humble beginnings of the Web Standards Group in a noisy Sydney pub way back in 2003. Our involvement in the broader community has been sporadic but our commitment to web standards in our own work has been consistent. Thanks to countless hours spent by a multitude of people publishing their work online over the years we were able to stay abreast of the latest developments.

When we came across Henny Swan’s article “Web Standards in China” late last year, which heralded the lack of materials in Chinese as the greatest hurdle to adoption in China, we realised we had an opportunity to give something back to the community – with our multi-cultural team of bilingual, standards savy developers we were uniquely placed to answer the call and translate some resources.

Over the Christmas / New Year period our teams in China and Australia got started translating articles into Chinese and Portuguese. We began with some articles, presentations and tutorials from Max Design as these are some of the original materials we cut our teeth on and they still form an excellent introduction to standards based design & development. We’re hoping to continue to translate other materials as and when we have time, but for the moment we are very proud to launch http://www.gruden.com/translations.

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